Inground Pool Installations

Installing Pools in Your Neighborhood…
from Katy to Deer Park

When you decide to invest in a backyard pool, you will want to seek the services of an experienced construction company for the design and building of your pool. With Preferred Pools of Houston, you can expect top quality construction services with a wide range of materials from trusted brands that we have explored throughout the past two decades. Our construction team is part of our staff, meaning that you will not have to worry about having inexperienced or cut-rate subcontractors working on your property. Along with a focus on quality, we remain committed to providing affordable construction to make your dreams of pool ownership a reality.

We offer a wide range of pool designs which can include:

  • Infinity pools
  • Pool and spa combos
  • Waterfall pools
  • Bar installations
  • Spa spillovers
  • Floating fountains

Gunite Pool Construction

At Preferred Pools, we focus primarily on gunite pool installations and renovations. Gunite pools use permanent reinforcement with concrete and plaster rather than fiberglass liners or above-ground designs. Gunite pools offer a number of benefits, including longevity and optimal potential for customization.

  • Custom design – With a gunite pool, you can create a completely custom design with the shape, size, and extra features that you want. You can incorporate a beach entry, custom steps, a tanning ledge, and other build-in features to enhance your swimming experience.
  • Pool finishes – A plaster lining opens up a world of opportunities for the interior finish of your pool, which may serve as a focal point of your entire backyard design. Just a few of your options include white plaster, marble, glass beads, tile, quartz and pebble finishes. To accent your interior finish, you can choose from a variety of decking materials to either blend into your pool or provide a distinctive look around the edges.

Pairing a Pool and Spa in Your Backyard

Many of our clients will opt for a pool and spa setup, which might be designed many different ways. Spillover spas can add a calming water feature to your pool with the elegant design of a waterfall built in. Island spas may provide a unique design for larger pools, while a connecting pool and spa might be a good fit for a more traditional look.

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